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Players FAQ

Linking your Discord and BeamMP account is a new feature to BeamMP. To do this you will need send !link as a message to the BeamMP Accounts bot. The bot will respond with a link for you to sign into your BeamMP account. Simply sign in with your BeamMP account, once done you will receive a second message saying that it has successfully linked your accounts. 🎉

How do I get early access?

Early access (including the purple nametag and other benefits) can be obtained by either boosting the discord server or by helping to support us financially on Patreon

I subscribed on Patreon, how do I get my perks?

Please ensure you do the following to automatically receive your perks:

  1. Link your Discord account on Patreon to receive the Roles and Access in the Discord server.
  2. Please ensure you use the same email address on Patreon as you do for your BeamMP account on the Forum.

Please be patient, the system checks approximately every 4 hours. If you have not received your perks after 12 hours and have completed the above steps please contact BeamMP support.

I have more questions?

If your question or issue relates to the Game or playing please refer to the Game FAQs. If your question or issue relates to running a Server please refer to the Server FAQs. Otherwise please check out the forums where the community can ask questions and get answers.