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Getting Started

Before getting started

BeamMP is only compatible with legitimate, Steam versions of the game. "Cracked" copies are not supported.


BeamMP is natively compatible only with Windows at the moment.

Windows Installation

  1. Go to beammp.com and click the "Download client" button.
  2. Extract the BeamMP_Installer.zip archive.
  3. Launch BeamMP_Installer.exe and follow the instructions.
  4. The BeamMP Launcher icon should appear on your desktop. If not, just search for “BeamMP” in the windows search bar.
  5. Once the launcher has started, you should see a terminal window, shortly after BeamNG.drive should automatically start. Do not close the terminal window.
  6. Once BeamNG launches, in the main menu, click the Multiplayer button to start multiplayer.
  7. You will be prompted to login or play as a guest (not all servers will allow guests). You can create an account on our forum and then login to BeamMP with the same credentials.
  8. Select any server you like, and press Connect. Enjoy!

Note: As you are loading into a map with multiple vehicles spawned it might take longer than expected to join.

Linux Installation

BeamMP should work with wine, but is not officially supported (yet).

Known Issues

  • If you don’t see the “Multiplayer” button. Make sure that the BeamMP mod is activated in the “Mod Manager” then try pressing CTRL + L.
  • It's also important that BeamMP is the only mod activated in the “Mod Manager” as otherwise this can cause issues.

If you need further help with installation, you are welcome to create a post on our forum or ask on our Discord server.