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Mod/In-Game Scripting Reference

BeamMP allows you to create your own client side plugins as well. We have provided a few functions that you can use to communicate with other multiplayer mods, and other players through the server.


List of available functions for scripting:

Function Notes
TriggerServerEvent("eventName", "data") Triggers an event in the server lua environment, both parameters are strings.
TriggerClientEvent("eventName", "data") Triggers an event in the local lua environment, both parameters are strings. Good for communication between plugins.
AddEventHandler("eventName", Function) Adds the 2nd parameter to the table to be called when eventName is received (either locally or from the server), Function will get 1 parameter, a string containing the event data.

Code snippets

For example to parse the chat use the included ChatMessageIncluded event as such:

local function chatReceived(msg) -- Receive event with parameters
    print("chat received: "..msg)
    local i = string.find(s, ":") -- Find where our first ':' is, used to separate the sender and message
    if i == nil then
        print("error parsing message: separator could not be found!")
        return -- Could not find separator, cancel function
    print("index of separator: "..tostring(i))
    local sender = string.sub(msg, 1, i-1) -- Substring our input to separate its 2 parts
    local message = string.sub(msg, i+1, -1)  -- Do whatever you want to with the message
    print("sender: " .. sender)
    print("message: ".. message)

AddEventHandler("ChatMessageReceived", chatReceived) -- Add our event handler to the list managed by BeamMP